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Physician Promise is a telehealth platform designed to connect patients with physicians. We bring efficiency to medicine for you or your partner without compromising on quality. Physician Promise was started by physicians for patients. All Virtual Visits are FREE. That means RISK-FREE to you :). If our physicians decide a prescription is not right for you, we will not charge you. We work around your schedule. You can complete the virtual visit at any time to get diagnosed and treated from the comfort and privacy of your home. No appointments required! We're here to partner with you. We Promise.

Physician Promise is known for its unique medication solutions that are not offered at traditional pharmacies. These medications are designed by Physicians that are experts in their fields of work. Our service is quick, convenient, discreet, and cost effective. We’re there, when you need care.

Physician Promise is for patients who are 18 years and older seeking care for things that are sometimes tough or embarrassing to discuss in person. We offer our own line of branded prescription medication that is curated to target multiple healthcare issues from skin to erectile dysfunction to menopause symptoms to hair loss. Check out our male and female health sections.

Easy! Simply click on Virtual Visit and your journey will begin with us. You can use your smartphone or computer to begin. Our proprietary technology is similar to a doctor’s office visit. But, you get to answer the questions at your own pace, start/stop as many times as you need, no appointments or cameras needed, and submit when you are ready. One of our U.S. licensed Physicians will review your answers, follow-up with you at your convenience, and provide you with care. Try it out today!

Promise Community™ is where patients get access to FREE and reputable articles written by expert Physicians, nutritionists, and fitness specialists. Our content is aimed to help you or your partner to understand each condition and seek help. We are here to support you and will continue to put out more content for FREE. Just sign up to read, comment, and ask questions.

Once we prescribe a medication, you should have access to reorder up to a year’s supply of that medication (variations may apply). If your refills have expired, you will need to complete another Virtual Visit to determine if you still need the medication.

Currently, Physician Promise is providing our speciality medication in Illinois and Connecticut. Rest assured, as we grow, we will be able to provide care to your state soon! In the meantime, check out our low priced over the counter medication that can be delivered to any state.

Yes! Rest assured, all of your information will remain between you and your U.S. Board Certified Physician. Your information flows through our Electronic Health Record that is super secure and HIPAA compliant. We also went through a rigorous LegitScript certification process that ensures we operate safely and legally while protecting your sensitive health information.

Patients are extremely intelligent with all the information available to them. Our rapid growth shows that our price to value ratio is much better than our competitors. We encourage our patients to compare prices. Remember, PhysiPro medication is OUR unique formula created for patients, not for profit.

After answering a few questions, your U.S. Board Certified Physician will decide whether a prescription is necessary for your medical condition. Click the Virtual Visit tab to get started, it's FREE!

Yes, all our medications are FDA approved and have been certified as safe to use with a prescription.

Physician Promise partners with an award winning pharmacy to have the best pharmacists prepare and dispense our speciality medications. Our other prescription medications come from the large pharmaceutical companies that manufacture them. All our products are quality tested and are 100% safe and certified.

Physician Promise only works with U.S. Board Certified Physicians licensed in their respective fields of practice. They all care deeply about the well-being of our patients and are committed to providing the best care they can!

No - we do not treat emergency medical conditions. If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please call 911 or contact your local healthcare professional.

If you are a medical provider looking to partner with Physician Promise, email us at We would love to have you work with us to provide high-quality care to our patients!