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Building your home gym for under $600

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You don’t need to spend a lot of money to have a great workout space in your home. I will show you how to do this using only $500.00. Let’s use for ease, convenience, and familiarity. First item you need to purchase is a standard weight set, these are the small holed sets, not the olympic sets. This will be more friendly for smaller spaced usage/areas. Important to note, the standard bars are 30lbs and the olympic bars are 45lbs. This can be purchased for $159.03. Now we need an adjustable bench with a leg extension / leg curl option, this will range from $98.89 to $196.86. 

The next purchase should be the versatile Kettlebell, this can be a set of 3 or a one bell. I found a 5,10,15 lb set for $64.99. We will need a fitness mat, I found a great variety of mats from $18.99 to $35.99. Let’s get a set of resistance bands, there is a great set for $19.99 with door anchors and handles. And lastly, some adjustable dumbbells for $ 58.99. That’s it, taking the more expensive items and adding them together, your fitness fortress of solitude could cost you at maximum $535.86, based on product cost alone. Shipping costs are a whole other animal. 

Okay now we need a program to go with all your newly purchased equipment! We are going to focus on large muscle groups, your legs, back, and core with a circuit training format because we do not have to worry about people being in your way or hogging your equipment. First round, Kettlebell swings, Band rows, High plank knee to elbow (mountain climbers) and reverse crunch, 3 sets, 12-20 reps, one movement right into the next! 

3 sets 

Kettlebell Swing 15lbs. 15 reps 

Band row 20 reps 

Mountain climbers 20 reps 

Reverse crunch 15 reps 

60 sec rest 

Next round, Leg curl, Barbell bench press, Lateral raise, Opposite arm/opposite leg extensions (bird dog) 

3 sets 

Leg curl 25lbs. 15 reps 

Barbell bench press 100lbs. 12 reps 

Lateral raises 10lbs. 15 reps 

Bird dog 20 reps 

60sec rest 

Last round, DB row, Calf raise, reverse shoulder fly, front plank

3 sets 

DB Row 25lbs. 12 reps 

Calf Raise 20 reps 

Reverse shoulder fly 5lbs. 20 reps 

Front plank (hold statically) for 20 seconds count to yourself 

Please notice the planned redundancy with the band row and the DB row. It is great practice adding 2 back movements to 1 chest movement (2 pull movements to 1 push movement). This will help maintain proper posture especially in today’s world where we sit with some kind of device for too many hours a day. 

Start or finish your workout with a full body stretch, include your lower back, hamstrings, quadriceps, hip flexors, piriformis, calves, neck, chest, shoulders. I prefer to stretch in the beginning and foam roll at the end. Of course, you don't have to do both of these, I understand time is of importance. So pick at least one of these and do it consistently. Consistency is the key to fitness success. 

To be clear, I am estimating weight and rep combinations. The best practice is to perform the exercise movements with good form (proper posture) and tempos (proper speed). I would like to introduce you to the 3-1-3 tempo, this is your movement speed. So imagine a DB curl, curl up for a 3 count hold at the top for a 1 count and lower with a 3 count. Always use slow and controlled movements and always breathe out (exhale) when you execute force. Selecting the correct weight is easy when you apply this method. The practical application is this, you have a goal to curl a weight for 10 reps. You want this set to be an acceptable challenge, the 7th and 8th are somewhat difficult, the 9th is hard and the 10th is the hardest. However you are able to complete the set with good form and maintain your tempo. 

Lastly, proper posture is when you are standing up straight and tall. Your shoulders are back and down not up by your ears, Chest out, chin up. Be proud of yourself and remember the secret to life is to live your life as your best version.



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