How do we get the medication?

Physician Promise partners with an award winning pharmacy to have the best pharmacists prepare and dispense our speciality medications. Our other prescription medications come from the large pharmaceutical companies that manufacture them. All our products are quality tested and are 100% safe and certified.

How are we priced?

Patients are extremely intelligent with all the information available to them. Our rapid growth shows that our price to value ratio is much better than our competitors. We encourage our patients to compare prices. Remember, PhysiPro medication is OUR unique formula created for patients, not for profit.

Is this service for me?

Physician Promise is for patients who are 18 years and older seeking care for things that are sometimes tough or embarrassing to discuss in person. We offer our own line of branded prescription medication that is curated to target multiple healthcare issues from skin to erectile dysfunction to menopause symptoms to hair loss. Check out our male and female health sections.