Our Mission

Transforming Healthcare

We understand that your life is busy. Who has time for a call-back, appointment, or urgent care visit? Physician Promise was started by a group of specialized physicians to make healthcare seamless for our patients. No matter your health issue or concern, we welcome you to join Physician Promise.

Why Physician Promise?

Building Trust into Telehealth

As a partner for partners, we have you covered, by offering personalized care for multiple conditions that range from anxiety to reproductive diseases to ensuring you look and feel your best every day. Our physicians work with you to diagnose underlying conditions and recommend the medication that is best for you. We offer commercial and unique formulations like gummy prescriptions! The best part? You don’t need an appointment or insurance to benefit from our services.

Whether you need medical attention for yourself or a loved one, visit our Promise Community. There you will learn more about multiple disease states from experts and how to combat it through a three-pronged approach: modern medicine, fitness, and nutrition. This information is free and credible. We hope you enjoy it.

We're here to partner with you. We Promise.

Our Team



Dr. Henien
Dr. Henien
CEO & Co-Founder

Shady Henien, MD, MBA is an Interventional Structural Cardiologist. His goal is for all patients to have easy access to healthcare, and Physician Promise is one step closer to that.

CTO & Co-Founder

Anand Narayan, MBA is a global entrepreneur with a Cornell MBA and a former Navy Nuclear Engineer with a passion for technology. He envisions a world where technology meets the needs of patients' accessibility to healthcare, just what Physician Promise hopes to achieve.


Dr. Brooks (advisor)
G. Byron Brooks, MD
Co-Founder of TelaDoc, Inc
Peter Nakhla, MD, MBA
Sr. Medical Director at BCBS


Bassem Girgis
Tamer Girgis
Sally Henien
Harsh Master
Data Analytics